NeXt Student

Product information

The design of a student rig is a real challenge. Not only must it fulfil students’ requirements in terms of safety, fit and ergonomics, but also those of instructors, allowing them to handle a wide range of tasks, including potentially unforeseeable, stressful situations.
Extreme ruggedness and durability are to be expected, as well as the best product support from the manufacturer.
A good example of the successful application of this philosophy can be found in the Next Student AFF system with either the classic "Shit Handle" and spring loaded pilot chute, or in a ambidextrous version with releasable Hand Deploy pocket.
This student rig is very compact, yet offers extraordinary comfort, closely approximating a "custom- made" harness allowing for efficient learning in freefall and under canopy. It is very quickly adjustable, even while being worn, and features adjustable leg pads.
Since there are practical limits to the adjustability of a standard system, Paratec also offers the option of custom manufactured harnesses designed specifically for extreme body sizes and weights on either side of the spectrum, coupled with correspondingly sized containers.
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Next Container Sizing Chart

Containersize Volume reserve Volume main For Speed 2000 MSW in kg
NV2.5X 300 350 190 V3 115
NV3X 300 380 190 V3 115
NV3.5X 300 400 190 V3 115
NV2.5 340 350 220 V3 115
NV3 340 380 220 V3 115
NV3.5 340 420 220 V3 115
NV4 370 440 220 V3 115
NV5 370 510 250 V3 115
NV6 370 600 250 V3 115
NV7 370 440 250 V3 115
NV8 370 440 250 V3 115
NV9 400 500 250 PN1 115
NV10 400 570 250 PN1 115
NV11 450 620 250 PN1 115
NV12 450 600 250 PN1 115
Information provided without guarantee! Measurement methods and results for the main and reserve parachutes volumes may vary depending on the manufacturer. Other aspects such as the own packaging assets play a crucial role in the choice of your own container size!