Here you can find out more about our successful Next Century series of harness/container systems. Whether jumping Solo, as a Student or in Tandem configurations, the Next Century supports each of your projects, comfortably and reliably, with proven and yet innovative technology.

Next Century, Classic, Tandem & Co.

Main Canopies

Do you demand dependable openings, stable flight characteristics in every situation and a powerful flare on landings? Find here the appropriate main canopy and size to fit your skill and experience levels.

NRG, R.A.G.E., Twin...

Reserve Canopies

Possibly the best reserve canopies available on the market and definitely the smallest packing. Unique and unmatched, made with Paratec's proprietary V3 fabric, the Speed opens like a Reserve should but lands like a Main canopy.

Speed 2000 & Co.


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